IT/IP/eSport and data protection

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We can draw on decades of experience in the field of IT and have a strong entrepreneurial perspective. Technical understanding and knowledge of operational processes are as much a matter of course as internationality. In addition, we regularly publish scientific articles on current issues of data protection and IT law, contribute to handbooks and give lectures and training courses.


In the area of IT/IP, we advise our clients both in and out of court on the following legal issues, in particular:

a tall building with a bunch of metal pipes on it's side.

Data protection

We have a particularly strong expertise in the area of data protection law - and not just since the scandals of recent years. We assist our clients in the design of migration projects, outsourcing, contract processing and international data transfers. For many years, we have been preparing expert opinions on innovation projects and developing technical design proposals, for example in the areas of credit reporting, targeting, fraud detection, scoring and geolocation. If desired, we can also take over the liaising with the regulatory authorities.

Cloud / IT-Outsourcing

Almost all companies obtain services from cloud providers and service providers who subcontract cloud providers. Managed services from, for example, office programs or international CRM and ERP solutions are standard in many companies. We have been providing advice on provider evaluation, data protection and contract drafting and the implementation of cloud projects for many years.
In IT outsourcing projects, we provide legal advice throughout the entire lifecycle of an outsourcing project, from the tendering and bidding phase, contract negotiations, transfer of assets to live operation, benchmarking or possible backsourcing, including non-European nearshore and offshore projects.

IT agreements

We draw up comprehensive project agreements and structure complex contracts, framework agreements, service agreements and service certificates. We draw up service level agreements in close coordination with the responsible specialists.

E-commerce / social media

In the area of classical e-commerce, we advise our clients primarily in the preparation of terms of use and data protection notices for Internet platforms. We also help with the integration of social media plug-ins, marketing tools and payment systems in compliance with the law.

Information security / IT compliance

In the area of information security, we provide fast and pragmatic support in the event of specific incidents. We assist in the development of information security management systems (ISMS) and concepts and create handbooks and policies in close coordination with the responsible specialists. The daily routine of our advisory services also includes setting up internal processes based on recognised standards such as ISO 27001, the BSI basic protection or ITIL for IT service management.

License agreements / trademark rights/ eSport

The high economic value of software licenses and intellectual property requires special experience and tailor-made agreements. We help to secure IP and, if necessary, to prosecute industrial property rights. In addition, we manage a portfolio of international trademarks and register them worldwide, sometimes involving cooperation partners. If necessary, we negotiate delimitation agreements. Drafting of agreements and advice for providers of online video games/ eSport games, e.g. in the area of data marketing, IP protection. Drafting of contracts with player advisors and athletes. Marketing and distibution agreements for providers of systems and mobile apps. Drafting of agreements for sports events. Advising professional sports clubs.

Electronic archiving

If electronic documents are to be stored in an audit-proof manner and legally admissible for long periods of time, we provide support in setting up an archive with cryptographic and electronic signature procedures that also takes into account signature renewal measures.

Training / lectures

Data protection and sustainable information security management also require legal knowledge on the part of those responsible. We therefore offer training courses up to seminars lasting several days, also according to customer-specific requirements.